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Company Profile

SIRM UK Marine Ltd. provides products, services and support to all sectors of the marine industry in the UK and worldwide. Established for over 100 years, SIRM UK Marine Ltd. is a leading provider of commercial Marine solutions for Communications, Navigation, Safety, Security, Welfare and Support. Our company is the UK leader in commercial maritime communications. and we also provide personal satellite communication products and services, enabling hand-held voice and data communication from virtually anywhere on the Earth's surface.

SIRM UK Marine Ltd., a UK company of SIRM - SOCIETA' ITALIANA RADIO MARITTIMA S.P.A. an Italian company founded by Marconi in 1927 , has been at the forefront of the marine electronics industry since 1900. Previously known worldwide as Marconi Marine, it is the only business that has been continuously involved in the provision, implementation, monitoring and support of communications equipment, since the inception of the very first marine radio.

The company has the ability to support the whole of the maritime industry, with more UK based marine electronics engineers than any other company and a network of regional offices across the country and in Italy, with service representation around the globe thanks to its international network of partners. The regional offices act as a first line of contact for customers, offer local expert knowledge – as well as engineering support around the clock – and are strategically based in, or near to, local ports and harbours. There are dedicated, specialist sales teams for the commercial, fishing, offshore and leisure sectors based around the UK and Italy, as well as a dedicated team of surveyors and specific project management resources. We have dedicated specialist teams to identify suitable solutions, as well as providing the best products and the most comprehensive after-sales support available.


commercial vessel

fishing vessels  offshore solutions  leisure market
Commercial  Fishing Offshore Leisure

With over a century of experience (more information about our history), SIRM UK Marine Ltd.  has the resources and knowledge to supply, install, service and support a complete range of products. Working alongside the most respected suppliers in the world such as JRC, Thrane & Thrane, Seatel, Iridium and Inmarsat. However, as an independent company, SIRM UK Marine Ltd. is not obliged to recommend a particular manufacturer’s equipment. This ensures that customers have access to the very best products in all ranges.


GMDSS & Navigation

safety equipments   
GMDSS & Navigation Safety Satellite Services Value Added Solutions and System Integration

SIRM UK Marine Ltd. has built superb relationships with customers, suppliers and governing bodies in the maritime industry. Along with their continuous research, development and training, we arein a perfect position to work closely with customers to identify suitable solutions, as well as providing the best products and the most comprehensive after-sales support available.

SIRM UK Marine Ltd.  is an MCA registered GMDSS Shore-Based Maintainer, MCA and IOM approved Authorised Testing Application Service Provider for issuing LRIT Conformance Test Reports and a MCA Authorised company to carry out GMDSS Radio Surveys. 

We are approved by the following Ship Classification Societies to carry out GMDSS Radio Surveys and VDR/S-VDR Annual Performance Testing on their behalf (other Class Societies and Flag States on application): Lloyds Register, DNV, ABS, BV GL, RINA, ClassNK and Korean Register.

We are a member of the I.S.E.S. Association, providing quality 24/7 service to the Marine Industry.

SIRM UK Marine Ltd. operates a quality management system which complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 2008



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