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Installation and maintenance

Thanks to the constant and continuous relationship with leading international manufacturers, SIRM technicians are constantly updated and certified on main Navigation, Communication and Safety equipments and are able to ensure their installation, configuration and maintenance.

Thanks to constant contact with producers and with the service centers, SIRM is also able to distribute software and firmware updates for installed and maintained products. All activities are carried out in compliance with international quality standards and according to the laws in force, in order to ensure a maximum efficiency and safety of the navigation.

In case of installation of the new equipment, SIRM technicians are also able to demonstrate all the features of the systems and to ensure the necessary transfer of knowledge and competence to the crew. SIRM can provide upon customer's request also test Epirb and AIS, APT of VDR and LRIT activation.

Radio Survey APT (annual performing test) VDR LRIT

SIRM is able to provide a service of "Marine Radio Surveys" at a global level, using its technicians or those of its network of international technical agencies and is accredited by the major classification agencies.

SIRM technicians are constantly updated to meet the stringent requirements of classification bodies to perform these tasks, vital to ensure the safety of navigation.

SIRM is certified by the major rating bodies  for the execution of APT – Annual Performing test of VDR by the following brands:

  • AMI

SIRM performs tests with special care and using certified technicians by the manufacturers, given the importance of these tools for the safety of navigation and the need to be always in a condition of maximum efficiency to ensure the registration of all data requires.

Data captured from the system can also be transferred ,by using a portable HD, at the venue of the ship owner to be analyzed with a VDR Player installed on an Office PC.

SIRM, was authorized as a LRIT Authorized Testing ASP to test satellite communications equipment installed on all vessels whose flying the Italian flags.

SIRM, as LRIT ASP, makes sure that the on board devices comply with LRIT regulations (MSC.1/Circ.1307) and releases a Conformance Test Report (CTR) for terminals that pass the test.

Test procedures for each individual terminal (usually Inmarsat C) includes:

  • Remote Upload of CLS DNID in Terminal so that the CLS can communicate with the ship
  • Requesting a series of "automatic position reports" with intervals of 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Individual polling

The documents to be filled in order to perform the above test are:

LRIT Test Application Form

Permission LRIT terminal insertion

Once compiled and after telephone contact, the documents may be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.