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Airtime Network Operation Center

The Network Operation Center follows all activities relating to the satellite broadband communication projects, with an approach into 5 phases.

  • Network Design, solution design, a dialogue with the customer in order to find the best solution (TLC and ICT) in relation to the client's needs. Identification of the location for the installation of the antenna and equipment Below Deck.
  • Site Survey, if the customer desires, SIRM technicians can perform a site survey on board the ship in order to verify the hypothesis of the project. The site survey can also be carried out at the customer site. The report of Site Survey represents the input for the next phase of installation.
  • Delivery of the project, verification and testing of proposed solutions and preparation of the material required for the installation (connection schemes, diagrams, startup procedures and testing system). Detailed design of network architecture and integrating ICT services and VAS.
  • Installation, at the end of the preparation phase of the environments (by customer care) and after confirmation of the arrival of the equipment on board the ship. SIRM technicians ensure startup of the installation phase of the equipment with the supervision of activities antenna positioning on board and installation and configuration of the equipments Below Deck.
  • Post Sales. SIRM follows the client also in the phase post sales, through its central control services and monitoring, to ensure the continued operation of the equipment supplied (also through the use of the SIRM SMARTBOX) and to ensure compliance with the resolution of any troubleshooting and network configurations. Thanks to Out-of-band management which is made available by Smartbox (ISDN via F77, FBB, Iridium) SIRM services centre can intervene even if the satellite VSAT link is not available.

By using the channel maintenance, service technicians can make a preliminary diagnosis of malfunction and eventually solve the problem remotely (reconfigurations). In case of intervention needed on board, the remote diagnosis is a tool to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the intervention.

The Network Operation Center operates with highly qualified personnel with extensive experience in the planning phase and also in the phase of installation and maintenance, offering to customers a single point of contact (SPOC), for signaling and repair failures, that is realized by phone and email as detailed below. The Help Desk operates on every request by the customer's client, by taking immediately reports, any notifications and technical areas of expertise in charge.

Specifically the service is intended to:

  • reception of calls/reports;
  • fault management with activities of acceptance, analysis, restoration and eventually involvement of other technical facilities;
  • internal management of trouble tickets.

The service is active H24, 7/7, as prescribed below:

  • from Monday to Friday every weekday of the year, from 09:00 at 18:00 (for a daily duration of 9 hours), is guaranteed by personnel 'in factory' which can be contacted by the email box and telephone (landline).
  • outside of the above service hours, including holidays, taking charge of the reporting is guaranteed by personnel under availability, which can be contacted by e-mail and mobile phone