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VoIP Solutions

Through the VoIP technology and its commercial partners SIRM is able to offer an integrated range of voice solutions for all types of vessels and fleets at low cost. The SIRM VOIP solutions, all in Standard SIP technology, are offered under the brand SMART4Call commercial and provide three different profiles:

  • SMART4Call Basic – VOIP solutions with a single telephone to carry out calls to fixed and mobile destinations at low cost in prepaid and postpaid mode;
  • SMART4Call HQ – Integrated solution inside the SmartBox that allows to enable communication between Ship and HQ in VoIP mode at no additional cost. On-board phones (Wired and Wireless VOIP or analogue) are integrated directly into the switchboard of VOIP or PBX analog of Earth;
  • SMART4Call PBX – The most comprehensive solution of VOIP that utilizes both the functionality of the Smartbox that manage the solution CrewOne of VSC for passengers and crew. The originated calls on board can be addressed via VOIP at HQ or to the public network. The system allows you to use Voice services of installed FBB apparatus on board. That is efficient if you don’t have a data connection.

SIRM solutions provide the following benefits:

  • High quality of service through the SIRM partners that ensure quality, service availability and content cost
  • Reduction in cost: SIRM ensures very advantageous rates for all international fixed and mobile guidelines
  • Free calls vs. HQ
  • Integrated use of the same infrastructure for voice and data, with lower cost of management and simplify architectural
  • Service managed end-to-end with support through the airtime network operation center (link to services) of SIRM
  • Possibility to activate a "DID" with a local number for calls Earth-Board