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FleetOnCloud Mail

FleetOnCloud Mail is a versatile, robust and cost-control oriented email solution, that allows companies to manage with maximum efficiency the company email service on board ships. The solution is part of FleetOnCloud platform and it’s based on the Workmail solution provided by Satmind. 

FleetOnCloud Mail will transform the way you share, manage and collaborate on your most valuable business information, with a solution that ensures:

  • real time business communications
  • cost effectiveness 
  • ease-of-use.

FleetOnCloud Mail offers shipping companies full control over communications with real-time monitoring and comprehensive reporting tools. A web portal gives complete historical access to all communication sessions and an in depth overview of the fleet status. FleetOnCloud Mail offers full transparency and backup to all Emails on shore servers, custom domain support, unlimited accounts for each vessel, anti spam, antivirus  and much more.


fleetOnCloud Mail Architecture


The platform offers a number of features that simplify the management of e-mail services on board ships, regardless of the type of connection used (fleetbroadband, VSAT C-Band, VSAT Ku-Band, VSAT KA-Band, other Satellite systems) with a software package that can be installed by users on a standard PC (or integrated with existing Linux servers on board) or integrated in the SIRM FleetOnCloud Gateway (Smartbox), the service can be turned on/off from shore according to company demands and offers a complete control and support from shore by  SIRM and SatMind support team. 



Offers 100% control over all business communications with the vessel.

Maximizes bandwidth utilization while delivering advanced QoS to prioritize business traffic.

Requires zero maintenance (24/7 support to the end user is provided by SIRM and its partner Satmind).

Works with any communication package from Inmarsat pay-as-you-go to unlimited VSATs.

Leverages legacy SatCom & IT infrastructure.

Realtime access to all business emails from vessel and office.

Simple to use — self-registration and administration.

Secure — complete control over traffic content & consumption.

Versatile — works with Inmarsat, Iridium and VSAT terminals.

Flexible — All mail clients are supported on all devices. 

Reliable — secure backups and replication both on vessels and cloud.


The FleetOnCloud Mail platform offers a number of features specific to the email service management, with a reduction of the workload for IT departments of companies and an increase in the security of communications. 


  • Centralised Account Management - Easily manage multiple vessel and company accounts from office.
  • Reliable and Secure - Encrypted mail delivery with SSL and verification.
  • Cloud Mail Backup - Automatic backups and multi-zone replication.
  • Unlimited Mailbox size and accounts and Industry leading compression algorithms
  • Domain of your choice - Get customized email (
  • Black List Management - Advanced rule based engine to control email contacts.
  • Vessel Inbox Management - View, pause or stop email delivery to the vessel.
  • Vessel Connectivity monitoring - Real-time vessel connection status.
  • Notifications - Delivered and read by vessel.
  • Advanced account options -  Support for multiple email address (aliases), support for group email.
  • Reporting - Detailed transactional reports.

FleetOnCloud Mail also simplifies email management on board the ship, with a number of unique features and the ability to work with all communication systems in use in the maritime sector.


  • Cross Platform Support  - Access email from mobile, tablets and PCs.
  • Native Email Client Support - Use desktop and mobile email clients via IMAP protocol: Windows Outlook / Android native email / iOS Mail.
  • Full Mail Control - View, pause or stop email outbox.
  • Queue Prioritization - Prioritize business email.
  • Efficient Attachment Management - Compressed attachment delivery and prepositioning.
  • Scheduled Mail Delivery - Set  flexible schedules.
  • Crew Mail Support - For personal crew accounts.
  • Add on for Chat and SMS

FleetOnCloud Mail is available as a standalone solution with a monthly subscription or as a bundle with FleetBroadband plans.


Download FleetOnCloud Mail Datasheet