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Watch Black Box is a software platform that can be integrated into the Follower Fleet Management solution, designed to realize at the registered owner a control room for storing and analyzing data recorded by the VDS/S-VDR on board.

Through the SIRM SmartBox Watch Black Box is a dedicated storage system whose stores data in parallel to the normal registration of the VDR on board.

The platform includes specific connectors for the most popular market products, in particular:

  • JRC
  • Samsung
  • Hyundai
  • Rutter

In case the VDR provides the connection with the ECDIS, the system is also capable of storing the video track of the latter device. The WBB Board server can also store images from IP cameras installed aboard in strategic areas.

Synchronizing data from the ship to the Centro Servizi WBB can be done in two ways:

  • Online
    On demand: with the request via the system interface for download the recorded data in a determined time interval
    On alarm: activating a remote alarm procedure that transfers to the ground the last hour (half an hour) of recorded data. The alarm procedure can be activated directly from the web interface of the system.
  • Offline
    the WBB Board server provides the opportunity to extract one of the hot storage hard disk, the data can then be imported into the platform beds of services or to read with a regular Player at the owner's home.

FeaturesCompatible VDR

  • Features access to the service from any location of the venue which is licensed and with a username and password
  • No additional software
  • VDR data Recording
    • NMEA,
    • Audio,
    • Video.
  • VDR data storage both locally (on board) which are centralized (on the ground).
  • Consultation of VDR data remotely real time
  • Hierarchical management System (different user profiles).
  • Ground view of VDR data through the player owner.
  • Interrogation Real time of data of VDR on board
  • Emergency Procedure
  • Filtering real time of data:
    • time interval
    • typology (content)







VDR 100



HYUNDAI Heavy Industries (HHI)



JRC (Japan Radio Company)



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