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SIRM with FleetonCloud FOLLOWER offers an integrated solution for fleet management with advanced tracking and performance monitoring features and new responsive web interface. Follower allows continuous and accurate monitoring of the fleet through the use of Inmarsat-C, onboad AIS or using the Cloud Gateway SIRM connected to Fleet Broadband or VSAT modem.

SIRM, with this solution, offers one of the best technology in vessel tracking and monitoring with the introduction of a global AIS tracking system.  SIRM has specific agreements to expandits coverage with global satellite-based AIS data and monitor vessels beyond coastal regions with a cost-effective solution. SIRM combines terrestrial-based AIS, satellite-based AIS and VSAT/FBB position reports to maximize information acquired from each vessel.

Thanks to the acquisition and management of on board messages (Noon / Daily), the use of C-MAP, professional meteo forecast service and other advanced control functionality, Follower is a tool for improving fleet operations and remote risk management processes.

Follower is the ideal solution for a proactive approach to voyage management and for a complete control of the fleet in a simple and intuitive way. The real-time tracking and tools for processing and analyzing data (consumption, speed, bunkers) ensure continuous performance monitoring of ships and simple tools to manage compliance with the MRV Regulation of the European Union.


c-map professional tracking

The platform is organized into two main areas of operation:

  • ship management, through a contextual menu on the left side of the screen to view and manage all the information of a specific ship in the fleet;

  • fleet management,through a context menu on the right side of the screen, with access to all the information of the fleet and the main configuration parameters of the platform available for the user.


  • Fleet tracking from desktop PC, laptop or smartphone without additional software installation;
  • Position report through Inmarsat-C, AIS, VSAT, FBB and web service
  • C-MAP professional charts with weather layer overlay (worldwide coverage and up to 72 hours forecast)
  • Acquisition and automated management of NOON / DAILY report, historicizing of information and proactive analysis of the data entered with thresholds management for the main parameters
  • Correlation of ship position and NOON/Daily Massagers (consumption, rpm, weather, etc.)
  • Schedule management, planned routes and actual routes
  • Gestione schedule, rotte pianificate e rotte effettive
  • Notification engine position based (geo-fencing), creation of special areas as an overlay on the map
  • Unified contact (email, chat or VoIP call)


Follower Ship Management (details) Follower Fleet Management (details) Positions Acquisition SystemScreenshotDocs


Vessel Dashboard

Vessel Performances

Vessel Reports

Vessel Schedule Management

Vessel Camera View

Vessel Messages

Fleet Panel

Ability to view the entire fleet or just a group of vessels

Group management (for flag, team, custom) of vessels

Access to ship popup list

Selection to display or not the vessels’name

Activation of quad view mode (display on four screens)

Check update positions



Ship track search, in a range of dates or in the 7/14/21/28 days

List of the last position report sent, flag to show time labels

Display of navigation track of a ship

Graphical representation of the position report

Automatic or manual play (move from one position to another)

Display of weather conditions (historic) for each position report of the track

textual and graphical weather parameters observed along the route, with ability to store data up to 24 months

Reports with graphical representation of weather parameters detected

Correlation of performance of the ship with the weather conditions encountered.




fleet history

fleet history con meteo

Point of Interest & Notification Management

Creation and management of Points of Interest (POI), with associated events and notifications at the approach of the ship at this point

Creating Areas (via graphic interface or import of waypointss) with reference to rules on navigation (ECA) or risk piracy. Notification enter/exit

Notification system multiuser and sending reports via email (with configurable frequency) with summary ship position and weather (text and graphics)



Route Management & Control

Route control with comparison of the waypoints in the route planned and the position report sent (real position)

Route management system to track and edit routes (with an indication of the level of tolerance in miles), check the expected weather conditions and associate them to a ship or group of ships.

Ability to import the route from ECDIS or planning systems (SPOS / HENRY)

Integration of the route control system with the weather forecasts, with clear indication of the parameters outside the threshold defined (waves, currents). In roadmap automatic weather routing management.

Followers have specific modules for exchanging routes between ship and fleet managers, with correction of the planned route based on specific needs and the weather.



Vessel contact List

Automated management of the ship phone book, indicating all the phone numbers of a ship

Module for automatic updating of contacts with the company database

Unified Communication System (VOIP and chat) for calls

Ability to integrate WebRTC based video solution



flet management contact list

Report Management

Integrated system for the management of the ship reporting (noon / daily / custom reports), with ability to customize specific reports and the methods of exchange.

MRV system in line with the directive of the European Union

Selection of one or more vessels of the fleet for report generation (comparison), with selection of range of date.

Reports in tabular or graphic form

Possibility of complex analysis on data collected to transform them into information useful to the improvement of business processes



ship report management

Meteo Forecast Management

FLeetOnCloud offers an integrated meteo forecast system, using informations provided by il partner Centro Epson Meteo .The weather layer provides information about the main useful parameters for navigation with different levels of detail Weather Information Processor based on Grib/Grib2 file and provided by Epson Meteo or other providers Forecasts up to 72 hours with hourly step Ability to view the weather layer with tracking information (past and future)Ability to create custom weather reports based on a number of waypoints

marine meteo forecast


vessel meteo client

vessel meteo client



Position Update Frequency

Inmarsat - C


4 – 8 – 12 - 24 position/day


AIS - T: 1 position each 20 min.

AIS – Sat: 1 position/hour


Custom as customer requests

Web Services

Custom as customer requests

What is the Automatic Identi cation System (AIS)?


The International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requires AIS to be fitted aboard international voyaging ships with gross tonnage (GT) of 300 or more. AIS is an automated tracking system used on ships for identifying and locating other vessels and is used in navigation primarily for collision avoidance. The AIS transpondersautomatically broadcast information, such as their position, speed and heading, at regular intervals via a VHF transmitter built into the transponder. Shipboard AIS transponders have a horizontal range that is highly variable but typically only about 35 nautical miles (NM). However, the signal has a vertical range over 200 NM, and over the past few years polar orbiting satellites have been launched that can pick up these signals.