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Fleet Control Room

Fleet Control Room is an innovative technology platform for remote monitoring of operating parameters of the main ship, that can be integrated with the Follower platform to expand its fleet management solution.

The monitoring system expected the integration, through the use of the SIRM SMARTBOX and a gateway software of the automation system on board and the navigation equipment.

The aim of the platform is to provide to the ship-owner at the Technical Office. A tool for troubleshooting and monitoring of key performance indicators, particularly with regard to engines and fuel consumption.

The FleetControlRoom Service Center stands as a unique Center for collecting and archiving monitored values at the embarks of the fleet and from these transmitted to Earth.

The platform is completely web based for both the consultation component as the system management in terms of:

  • access to platform users;
  • categories of device to be monitored;
  • device to monitor the NMEA strings used and threshold values (for both NMEA devices than for those that are monitored by the automation system);
  • Smart Box belonging to the CST, the Mariners Unit monitored;
  • configuration platform of parameters and defining thresholds for operation (normal, warning, alarm)

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Management of the fleet
The entire fleet is visible in one screen. FleetControlRoom allows you to have the information of each unit and the main operating parameters always available to create a full-fledged control room of the fleet.


Multi-channel access
By using the latest technologies in terms of web design allows access to the platform from any enabled device of the web browser.


Near real time monitoring or "voyage reports" is possible to integrate with the platform "Big date" for data correlation & fusion


The system allows you to define for each parameter of normal operating thresholds and alert thresholds (email, sms, visual warning)


Flexibility of use
FleetControlRoom captures a wide range of on-board information, integrating native NMEA devices (GPS, weather, etc.) and proprietary equipment (automation systems) and allows you to use the communication channels of whose are available on board (FBB or VSAT) or to use a M2M satellite channel (using the ISatData Pro network) for sending information to the service centre. The different communication channels can be used simultaneously in backup logic.

Global support
We offer our customers 24 x 7 x 365 support via our Service Center in Naples. Our support team is able to provide all the necessary support for better use of the platform through email and telephone and can assist customers in troubleshooting, edge configurations, technical assistance and training.



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