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Crew Communication

CrewONE is a service implemented by SIRM Smartbox to deliver new voice services that data for the crew and passengers, even in logic BYOD (bring your own device).

The system allows you to make calls and to surf on the internet, using the available credit on a VIRTUAL SCRATCH CARD (VSC) with a single PIN for access to all services. The Software component, installed on board the SMARTBOX, allows the management of accounting with the ability to scale your receivable of the VSC in time according to its use (voice or data) and allows a traffic profile associated with the satellite communication system that you are using (possibility to define different installments for VSAT communication channels and FBB).

CrewONE owns good versatility requirements being interfaced with the main satellite communications systems on the market and allows you to make voice calls (even simultaneously) to terminated international fixed or mobile numbers (PSTN) or to IP terminals (calls to the corporate HQ) by using analog terminals as well VoIP. The VOIP call can be created even from IOS smartphones or Android with a special VOIP application (ex. ZOIPER).

Access to the service of internet is allowed from any qualified device, interfaced to the system both wired and Wi-Fi.

The CrewONE service allows you to make:

  • Voice calls from analog terminal or VoIP on PSTN network (Inmarsat)
  • Voice Calls from analog terminal or VoIP or on satellite IP network (VSAT – FBB) or terrestrial (3 g/LTE)
  • Internal communication by analog and VoIP
  • Access to the enabled internet network services. Connect both wired and Wi-Fi

In effect CrewONE contains a versatile switchboard and a configurable system that guides the user to use voice services, allowing the choice of the type of channel that call and provide us with the following information:

  • evidence of communication channel in use; 

  • remaining talk time, valued on the basis of the type previously chosen channel and the selected destination. 

The solution provides significant benefits for the shipowner and the crew.



Access Control of board networks (voice and data) thanks to the management policies of the SIRM SmartBox

Cost recovery of Data traffic generated by the Crew (possible thanks to access control)

Management of direct pricing of VSC (with the support of SIRM)

Reduction of costs for VSC (voice and data) and consequent consumer incentive

Availability of detailed traffic report (owner and crew)

Opportunity to go for free to a top FBB, absorbing the increase of monthly subscription with costs recovery of Data traffic

Management of private communication

Using a single PIN to call and surf

Visualization of the remaining credit

Portable and account access with Smart Device