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Connected Ship Solutions - FleetOnCloud

The use of IT solutions is becoming increasingly pervasive in ship management and maritime transport, led by the modern concept of "connected ship", to improve process efficiency and reduce costs (for example, through continuous monitoring of fuel consumption). FleetOnCloud SIRM is the range of products and services to support the transition to "smart & connected ship". FleetOnCloud includes, in integrated optics, telecommunications solutions (satellite and terrestrial) and IT applications in the cloud, to offer a unified user experience to our customers and  a unique and post-sale support. The FleetOnCloud applications have been developed by sharing the knowledge of customer needs, the regulations governing the industry and technological expertise in the development of ICT solutions.

fleetOnCloud - solution for connected ship

Our range of solutions includes:

FleetOnCloud gives customers a dedicated support service, to ensure maximum efficiency of the provided solutions with a Network Application & Operation Center that offers:

  • First level support available H24 7/7 by telephone, chat and email
  • The second level support, for telecommunications services, with direct access to the customer service of SIRM partners (? Satellite operators, teleports, manufacturers)
  • A support service On Field with a team with a high level of expertise and a network of partners that can offer worldwide support very quickly;
  • A proactive approach to problem solving and a knowledge base that grows with time