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Chart Management

SIRM is official distributor of ChartCo, a company of the KelvinHuges group, and leader in the distribution services of maritime information to ships, for the PassageManager software suite. ChartCo solution has been chosen to provide all the necessary support to the management of electronic cartography on board and to manage their purchasing processes.

Through PassageManager you can access all the services offered by ChartCo through a simple graphical interface, which can also monitor the status of the cards on board. The main features are:

  • Tools for correction of paper nautical charts
  • Updating of electronic charts AVCS
  • Nautical publications management
  • Weather Services and shore based weather routing
  • Update publications of the British Admiralty Electronic Products (example: Digital List of Lights and Digital Radio Signals Volume 6)
  • Global and Regional News Service
  • Antivirus Update
  • Documentation management (Flag state legislation, SOLAS, MARPOL, EC Directives) all manageable and available in a single database.

CharCo PassageManager assures the management of all documentation through one system and manages on a route after setting the navigation route, the system checks for the necessary papers and publications and to verify the update status for the same.

Main featuresCHARTCO PassageManager modulesDocumentation

  • Construction system for the route and calculating distance for a porto-porto route in a quickly and efficient way
  • Automatic Overlap of products on the route
  • Integration with ECDIS for import and export routes
  • Integration with weather data
  • System for the management of purchases the products "missing" or "out of date"
  • Automatic Download of updates
  • Simplified management of paper and electronic documents
  • Management of passage plan
  • SQUAT calculations.

The solution Passage Manager consists of the following modules:

Chart Manager 
Management system and upgrade electronic and print charts
Met Manager
Weather forecasts in 5 or 16 days with optimization system
Port data
Detailed information about ports and terminals
Nav Area Warnings
The information received via NavTex normally handled directly on the electronic cartography

Pubblication Manager
Module for management and updating of print and electronic publications

Work and rest hour
Module for the management of working hours on board
Anti Virus
News Service
Piracy Alert Data
Module for information on major piracy attacks recorded worldwide
Web Manager
Module to the owner's seat that allows you to check the status of the documentation on all vessels in the fleet