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Vessel GSM Mobile Access

Cost-effective solution for mobile broadband connectivity on ship (powered by SHIPZNET)

Demands on the ongoing operation of vessels are growing day by the day. Extensive documentation on board the ship and the much higher administrative effort required of by the captain mean that IT solutions increasingly need to be integrated into operations. Large data volumes have to be transmitted and remote management becomes a necessity, but is mostly limited by geographic circumstances and satellite transmission that is either extremely expensive or very slow. The only option that usually remains is to pack a laptop into the backpack so that the ship can be maintained data locally. But many software applications are just not viable without a lower-cost communication solution. Crew contact to family and friends through instant messaging or email is prohibitively expensive via satellite communication. SIRM, in collaboration with shipznet, offers the first, completely new, high-speed mobile telecom service for vessels that can offer a 5GB/month flat rate anywhere in the world with no extra roaming costs in coastal waters or in harbor and without remedial SATCOM costs. The solution can be installed with minimal effort and offers significant advantages for shipping companies and their crews.

SIRM, thanks to a partnership with bobz GmbH ( solution, offers high-speed data transmission based on the latest mobile communication technologyies such as HSPA+/EDGE and GSM (in the future also LTE) with a very simple installation and setup.

Data-heavy applications such as software up-dates, ECDIS, remote management and crew communication or even video conferencing can be used over a near-shore connection. This saves time and budget.

ADE and BDE appliance are included in monthly rate for all plans. For BASIC Plan customer needs to pay a una tantum set up fee.

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Product Country List Allowance Plan Datasheet


streamlined – outstanding cost efficiency

  • direct monthly accounting – no individual billing per SIM card
  • no hardware investments  (modem is included in monthly fee)
  • provider-independent

mobile – easy installation

  • Above-deck unit with two antennas for mobile  communication

  • Below-deck unit including power supply
  • With Sirm SMARTBOX solution, integration with other tlc channels (FBB & VSAT)

  • Integrated web server for status display and configuration


broadband – high bandwidth

  • Data rate up to 20 Mbit/sec
  • Low latency – ideal for remote management
  • High data volume in the GB range per month

 & Integration

Smart Mobile Access  can be easily integrated into the existing on-board IT infrastructure.

On vessels that have only one communication PC and existing satellite links like Fleetbroad- band or Iridium Pilot, the below-deck unit is installed between the PC and the satellite system. The integrated firewall restricts traffic via satellite and swiches to the least-cost routing mobile network when available.

Vessels with communication server attach the shipznet below deck unit to a WAN port and the server performs the least-cost routing






EUROPE PLAN Country List

The Customer may request the supply of exceptional data allocations in intervalls of 500MB. The price for an add-on of 500MB per up to a maximum of 5GB over and above the regular volume in the contract.