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Maritime VSAT

The solutions of maritime VSAT is to highly customizable SIRM on customer needs, with a shared guaranteed bandwidth or offer a high-quality for internet access, VPN services, IP telephony and GSMonBoard with a fixed monthly fee using maritime KU or KA Vsat antenna.

Through the proposed ì  maritime VSAT solutions SIRM aims to offer to the market high quality solutions at competitive costs for access to the network data from the ship edge to support services of internet browsing, intranet and VPN, voice services (VoIP) mode and a wide range of value-added services.

The design capacity of the company is to deliver custom solutions to the specific needs of the company based  on the navigation areas (maritime VSAT regional or maritime VSAT global coverage). They also deliver service requirements (guaranteed bandwidth, shared bandwidth, quality of service and type of backup) and the type of equipment. Satellite solutions are provided through the teleports from the major partners (Eutelsat, Telespazio, Telenor) with bandwidth solutions in maritime C, KU and KA.

The Maritime VSAT solutions are delivered by SIRM, as VSAT Virtual Network Operator (VNO) of the main international satellite operators, offers customers the following benefits:

  • Unlimited always-on broadband connection up to 8Mbps with maritime VSAT antennas from 1m or 80cm
  • Access to data services and VoIP (free to the owner's home), ideal for ship-to-shore communication and for crew welfare services
  • A single monthly fee that includes the backup options, to control communication costs;
  • monthly fee that includes the antenna and availability of VSAT communications equipment and maintenance services
  • remote management of applications and services through the use of Smartbox OnBoard Cloud Gateway


The FleetonCloud onBoard Gateway, SIRM's Smartbox , ensures the availability of a series of basic services for network management, among which are:

  • Automatic channel switch
  • TCP/IP acceleration
  • VPN and VPNonDemand
  • Firewall and Proxy
  • VoIP Services towards the HQ and towards the public network
  • Geographic number
  • Access to Internet with Virtual Scatch Card

SIRM, through his VSAT Airtime Network Operation Center, is able to support the customer in managing the service operation, ensuring a global support and is always available.

VSAT solutions are completed by a wide range of value solutions added for fleet management and the crew and passenger entertainment.

Coverage Equipment Value-added solutions

Maritime VSAT Global KU Coverage

SIRM Global KU Coverage


Maritime VSAT C Band Coverage


Maritime VSAT Europe Coverage – Eutelsat E36B


Maritime VSAT Europe Coverage – Telenor

Thanks to its network of partners SIRM is able to provide VSAT antennas of major international brands, which are: