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Iridium is a mobile telecommunications system based on a constellation of 66 satellites, and is the only network that offers global coverage of the planet, including the oceans and polar caps.

Iridium Pilot is the satellite terminal which provides access to the Iridium OpenPort service, the first real, truly global high-speed of IP connectivity, and provides up to three phone lines be used simultaneously. The device is easy to install and cost surprisingly accessible.

Iridium Pilot is composed of an external Omni-directional antenna, a control unit and two telephones.
The antenna is small, lightweight and contains no moving parts: it does not require, then, a stabilization platform and does not need maintenance. The control unit is equipped with 3 RJ11 jacks (which allow you to make calls through the satellite network using traditional telephone equipment) and an Ethernet port for the data connection.

Iridium Pilot, unlike the conventional Iridium communication system, offers a connection type data with always-on packet pricing: the user, therefore, will always be connected to the internet but will pay only the amount of incoming data and output, independently of the duration of the transmission.
The simplified OpenPort plans offer a packet of data service priced for MB which replace the traditional and expensive plans with per-minute charges. The data service is flexible IP-based and the speed transmission is configurable, according to your own needs up 128 kbps.

The iridium Terminal Open Port Value-added services Resources Tariff Plans

The Iridium Pilot terminal can only be used with a specific SIM Iridium OpenPort and is offered in 3 versions 20 m/50 m/100 m, which differ in the length of the connection cable between the antenna and the control unit.

Technical Specifications:

  • antenna dimensions: 570 mm (diameter), 230 mm (height)
  • weight: 11 kg
  • cable length: 20 m (standard), 50/100 m (optional)
  • operating temperature range: C -30/+70°
  • IP data service that can be configured from 9.6 to 128 kbps
  • 1 Ethernet port/3 RJ11 ports

OpenPort is the fast connection service designed by Iridium for the Maritime market. The service provides the ability to enable subscription SIM only with different data traffic packages and/or vocals included. Depending on the activated package varies the availability of bandwidth.

  • Smartbox: advanced system that offers complete management of the on-board network, enabling VPN services, Firewall, Content Filtering and VoIP
  • Follower: centralized platform & fleet tracking management
  • ChartCo: solution for upgrading the onboard ECDIS cartography

Iridium Extreme (Satellite phone)

Iridium GO! (Hot Spot Wi-Fi)

Iridium Open Port

Post Paid Plans

Post Paid Plans

Post Paid Data Plans

Standard 10 Free

GO! 5

Piano 128 kbps


GO! 75

Piano 64 kbps

Pre-Paid Plans

GO! 150

Piano 32 kbps




Regionale Africa


Pre-Paid Voice Plans

Regionale MENA (Middle East e North Africa)

Pre-Paid Plans

Voice 120

Regionale Sud America

Seasonal Plan

Voice 240

Regionale Northern Lights

Annual Plan

Voice 360


Voice 600


Voice 1200


Post Paid Data + Voice Plans


Piano 128 kbps + Voice


Post Paid Plans for fleets


OpenPort Dynamic Shared Groups