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SIRM offers its customers a large and multifaceted portfolio of satellite solutions to support all communication on board and to support the main business processes.

SIRM satellite solutions can be used to respond the requirements of international regulations, to streamline the operation of the units of the fleet through a constant connection with the corporate network, to improve the quality of services for the crew and to use support to the safety of navigation.

As an independent satellite operator, SIRM always ensures the customer the best solution in terms of channel performance and total cost of the service.

Our solutions are based on technologies:

satellite airtime solutions


inmarsat satellite services



Service: Always-on VSAT KA con backup utilizzando FleetBroadband

Coverage: Global

Three geostationary Ka-band satellites will provide full coverage of all visible Earth (except for extreme polar regions) for the Global Xpress network. The three orbital locations are over the Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Single operator delivering seamless coverage, worldwide  Steerable beams for exible additional network capacity 



VSAT KU Regional/Multi Regional/Global

Service: Always-on VSAT KU

Coverage: Regional, Multi-Regional and Global

SIRM is able to offer satellite solutions in KU band, with or without CIR, for on-bard internet services, voice over IP and crew/corporate email, used by commercial ships, passenger vessels, fishing boats and yacht


 fleet on cloud satellite services

FleetOnCloud VSAT Services

: integrated VSAT and MSS (FBB/IRIDIUM/THURAYA) with SIRM Smartbox

Coverage: Global

Seamlessly integrating Ku-band VSAT and MSS airtime and hardware, FleetOnCloud offers the best value for customer and choice for global maritime broadband on the market today

inmarsat satellite services


Inmarsat FleetBroadband & Inmarsat FleetOne

Service: Always-On

Coverage: Global

The world’s leading mobile satellite operator with a constellation of ten satellites located in geostationary orbit enables delivery of voice, high-speed data services to almost anywhere on the planet

 iridium satellite services


Coverage: Global (also in polar regions) 

A fleet of 66 low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites provide voice and data communications solutions with complete global coverage of the earth including polar regions 

thuraya satellite services


Coverage: Regional

Through its two geostationary satellites, Thuraya provides coverage of more than 160 countries in Europe and large parts of Africa and Asia for low-cost, reliable voice, GPS tracking, SMS, fax, email and data